The California Coalition for Community Investment (CCCI) is a statewide coalition dedicated to providing resources to and advocacy for Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) across California. As institutions that provide credit and financial services to under-served markets and populations, CDFIs focus on affordable housing, economic opportunity and financial equality. CCCI brings together diverse leaders that advocate for CDFIs across the state working to ensure California communities are resilient against crisis, are healthy and housed, and have access to economic opportunities.

How CDFIs Respond to Crisis

CDFIs understand and can respond quickly to the needs of consumers and small business owners and are uniquely positioned to respond to relief and recovery during this crisis. CDFIs have proven successful in addressing our communities’ needs during both natural and national disasters. During the Great Recession, 2017 and 2018 wildfires, when mainstream finance retracted lending, CDFIs kept capital flowing to businesses and communities. And right now, during the most recent COVID crisis, CDFIs have jumped into action by deferring loan payments, counseling small business owners in multiple languages, advising government officials and more.

Our Mission

Throughout the state, urban, rural and Native communities continue to struggle and CDFIs are on the frontlines using every resource available to provide critical access to credit to businesses, affordable and supportive housing, non-profits, healthcare facilities and individuals.

Our mission is to support the great work done by CDFIs across the state. 


Our Vision

CCCI is committed to advancing the impact of the over 100 CDFIs in California by advocating for programs and resources so CDFIs can continue to serve their communities. CCCI brings together diverse leaders in the industry to ensure that CDFIs across the state are equipped to ensure California’s communities thrive.

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