CCCI is the premiere organization for advocacy for greater access to capital, improved public policy and expansion of opportunities and resources for California’s vital CDFI community.

Initially brought together by our on-going mutual goal to reinstate the COIN CDFI Tax Credit program in California, our coalition has evolved into a larger effort to advocate for more resources and better policies to help support the work of CDFIs in California.

CCCI’s Policy Priorities

  • Provide a voice for the work being done to advance racial and economic justice within the communities they serve and ensure equitable investment that addresses patterns of exclusion and disinvestment in low—income communities and communities of color.

  • Support new and expand existing state programs that will use CDFI delivery capacity to foster small businesses, build healthy communities, expand affordable housing and strengthen low-income communities.

  • Expand and replicate successful models like California’s Golden State Acquisition Fund that use CDFIs to assist in the deployment of state and federal resources.

  • Support federal legislative efforts to increase funding for housing development and preservation, and small business lending initiatives that meet the needs of urban, rural and BIPOC communities.


CCCI’s 2021 Advocacy Goals


  • Advocate for the establishment of a California CDFI Fund that will build the capacity and of CDFIs and expand resources CDFIs can leverage with other capital to benefit underserved communities.

  • Advocate for appropriate targeting of federal COVID-19 relief dollars.

  • Support increased federal funding for CDFI Fund Financial Assistance and Capital Magnet Fund.

CCCI is dedicated to supporting legislation that expands resources and access for CDFIs across California. CCCI actively advocates channeling significant federal and state COVID emergency funding through established CDFIs to ensure superior allocation and financial oversight. ​