What is a CDFI?

CDFIs are private nonprofit mission-driven financial institutions that deliver responsible, affordable financial services to help people and communities underserved by mainstream finance toward financial literacy and to access
critical capital that ensures economic resilience.

The broad spectrum of CDFIs work together to provide:

  • New and sustainable jobs.

  • Microfinancing and other catalytic financing to small businesses.

  • Affordable housing and essential community facilities, like childcare education centers and healthcare clinics.

  • Economic resilience through financial literacy, technical assistance for capital readiness and strategic guidance.

  • Crisis relief to vulnerable and hard to reach communities and individuals hard hit by the concurrent health, economic, and racial justice crises facing our nation.

  • In 2020, CDFIs were an important contributor to the Payroll Protection Act for small businesses.

  • Reparative and democratized capital structures.

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